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Leaderboards of your top stories in social media

StoryBoard is a social media analytics tool for online publishers, helping journalists, editors and media analysts to get the full picture of what stories are being shared right now!

How it works

We collect news stories from all the major publishers within a country, and measure how many shares they get over time in the most popular social networks.

Social networks we support:

Near real-time updates

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Detailed statistics

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Archive Search

API Access

Extended statistics for your site

See what time of the day users are sharing your stories, and in which networks they are sharing them in.

Compare with your competitors

Find leaderboards of top stories in social media and see how your site performs in comparison to your competition.

Live Dashboards

Follow in near real-time what is being shared on your site and on all sites being monitored.

For Journalists

Journalists can track the progress of their stories in social media and see how they rank in todays leaderboard.

For Editors

Monitor the performance over time of your site in social media, to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

For Media Analysts

Identify the types of stories that generates engagement in social media, and monitor the importance of the various social networks as they grow.

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Additional Services:

API Access

Access StoryBoard's data in JSON-format for integration with your internal systems.
API documentation

Research and Analysis

Recieve quarterly reports covering the main trends within social media sharing within your sector.

Website Audit

We'll audit your website to ensure it is optimised for sharing in social networks, and will give recommendations on how to improve the site.